Corporate Laws

An illustrative summary of the services being currently provided by us is given here under:-

  • Consultancy and opinions under Corporate Law matters.
  • Licensing and Registration.
  • Issues relating to Initial Public Offers (IPOs).
  • Retainership Services – Secretarial Matters: Maintenance / Review of Minutes Book, Statutory
    Registers and all other Secretarial Records, filing of relevant forms, documents etc. with all concerned authorities and all other secretarial functions.
  • Certification of Annual Returns, Certification under various provisions of FEMA, Listing Agreement etc.
  • Post incorporation services like applying PAN/ TAN and other licenses and registrations as required for running the business.
  • Search reports in respect of the companies from the records of the Registrar of Companies
  • Maintenance and upkeep of Statutory Records, Books and Registers under Companies Act, 2013.