International Taxation

With the current phase of rapid globalization and India becoming a preferred destination for investment, number of multinational Companies (SMEs, middle size and large size corporate) are intending to invest in India OR expand their operations for number of reasons in India. Generally, individual OR corporate is seeking for international taxation services when:

  1. When foreign company intends to set up their business operations in India,
  2. When Indian company intends to set up their business operations overseas,
  3. When Non-Resident Indians who have invested their wealth in India AND when Indian Entrepreneurs’ who have made overseas investments in various countries are getting exposed to dual taxation viz. in their home country as well as other country where income is accrued.

Professionals have to be updated with the latest development on international tax particularly with regards to the Double Tax Avoidance Agreements with various countries, tax structure prevailing in the subject country, transfer pricing rules and regulation in the subject country as the subject itself is dynamic by nature.

We strive to keep ourselves updated with all the legal case laws, Advance Rulings, Treaty interpretations etc. to be able to advise our clients to a pragmatic solution and non-disputable path. We feel privileged of being part of global association “Geneva Group International” having global presence and more than 340 professional members spreaded over in almost major countries.

We provide under mentioned professional services in international taxation:

  • Advising on tax strategies and efficient holding v/s subsidiary company structure to optimize tax incidence through a detailed assessment of:
    • Tax structure in the country subject to assessment
    • Implication of various court decisions and Advance Rulings.
    • Double Tax Avoidance Agreements entered into by India with various countries;
    • Tax incentives and tax holidays
  • Advising on tax incidence matrix in the home country and other country under different options and facilitate management to take the right decision in the interest of the company,
  • Analysing and Advising on the applicability of withholding taxes (TDS) particularly with reference to the payments in the nature of Salaries, Royalties, Fees for Technical services, Dividend etc.
  • Tax planning for Non-Resident Indians
  • Assessment of residential status, possibility of triggering the Permanent Establishment clause. Representation before various tax authorities for assessments, refunds, appeals.
  • Preparing, review and filing of tax returns