Partnership Firm

A partnership deed is a written agreement between two or more partners willing to undertake business jointly. It consist of all the terms & condition agreed by the respective partners ie, their capital introduced, profit sharing ratio, kind of partners, about the nature of business, working of the firm, dissolution/liquidation of the firm& so on.

Initially the process of registration in the state of Maharashtra was done manually and not system driven, however recently this process has changed to online in Maharashtra. The registration formality needs to be completed online with uploading of various Scanned Documents along with online Application forms.

Procedure for Partnership firm Registration :

Following is the Step Wise process for the registration of a firm:
1. To Register New Website of Registrar of Firms

    • Go to page

  • Create a User ID (New ID is required for Each Firm).
  • Click on the option advocate or individual as per your status
  • Fill in the respective details as required i.e., your name, address, contact no, email id etc and register yourself the screen will give you a password,
  • Change the Password at the time of first login

2. To Raise Form A (application for Registration)

  • In Firm Management Tab click Raise Form “A”.
  • Fill in the required information, like Partnership name, Business Address, etc
  • Fill the column in Marathi properly by conversion in marathi.
    • E.g. (a) for Providing Service one should type seva puravine
    • (b) Selling Consumable items one should type Grahakapayogee Vastunchee Vikree.
  • Click on the Option ADD PARTNERS to add the partners & fill in his/her respective details, check whether the partner is a major or a minor.

3. Scan and Upload the following documents:- (Compulsory attachment)

  1. Certified True Copy of Partnership Deed (Certified by C.A. or Advocate).
  2. Certified True Copy of Marathi Translation of Partnership Deed (Certified by C.A. or Advocate).
  3. Blank Stamp Paper of Rs. 10/- in the name of Partner or firm.
  4. Authority letter signed by all partners if documents are submitted by C.A. or Advocate.
  5. Covering letter with Rs.5/- Court Fee Stamp.
  6. Demand Draft of Rs. 1600/-  in favour of Registration of firms of your Area
  • Click Submit Tab.
  • Take print out of Form “A” on Green Ledger Paper.
  • Sign Before designated authority like Notary & submit the attested form along with all the above documents to the designated office of Registrar.
  • Bandra office address: Registration of firms, Maharashtra state, Mumbai, new administrative building, 6th floor, near Chetna college, government colony, Labour court, near Babasaheb Ambedkar Udyan Mumbai- 400051, contact no- 26551149/26559881.
  • Get the documents verified by the person sitting on the counter.
  • Note: behind the DD any one partners name and contact number is to be mentioned.
  • After he/she ticks it as OK you can submit the DD and all the required documents to the respective person and get the acknowledgement on the copy of covering letter and authority letter. Along with this acknowledgement of DD paid ie Rs 750 will be provided. Registration procedure is completed at this stage.

The Biggest Challenge is to convert in Marathi language in the software which the website operates. The site is slow, key board provided in Marathi is not user friendly. Substantial time is taken to understand keys and punch it error free.